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because so many of you cannot attend the Avatar Legacy Fan panel at SDCC this year, i look for ways to include fans in the experience.

one year we asked fans to write haiku for the panel. it was a wonderful experience, and we were able to share their poetry with the panel. this year i am adding a little more excitement to the idea. from july 1st until july 19th (midnight PST), use twitter to tweet a haiku at the 5_7_5_Society. the rules for the haiku are not as strict as the formal rules of haiku. however, adding kigo will impress the judges. (google kigo and the clever ways you can insert this feeling into your poetry).

the winners will be read during the panel, and if you wish, an ATLA related prize will be sent to you. (you must contact us via direct messaging with your address for a prize mail out)

*international fans may join this contest!


1. the haiku must be avatar the last airbender/korra related in some way.

2. the haiku must follow the 17 syllable rule (line 1 should be 5 syllables, the 2nd line must be 7 syllables, and the 3rd must be 5 syllables again).

3. your poetry must be family friendly (even if you are very passionate about the subjects in your haiku).

4. you must use twitter to tweet your entry. you must use the “@” symbol followed by “5_7_5_Society” in the beginning of your tweet to ensure that madame macmu-ling is aware of your entry. finally, end your tweet with the hashtag #atlahaiku



excited fireflies,

write amorous poetry -

with beacons of light


5. your entry MUST be original and written by you. we do our best to check ;)

6. you can only have one entry per twitter account. please do not create 900 accounts in order to enter multiple times. it will be a waste of your time, and ours :)

7. ***added after original posting*** as much as i LOVE all languages, the haiku must be written in english. perhaps in the future we will have the ability to include more languages (which would definitely be cool!)

*** What can be considered Avatar/Korra related can be obvious statements (like the use of characters, or places, etc). it can be subtle… like references to character quotes, or to the actual staff that worked/works on the series. for example, if you want to write an entire haiku dedicated to grey delisle, go for it (as long as you reference her part of azula).

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